Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rena salvage moves to under-deck stow

Today's news from Astrolabe Reef is that the weather is benign. With the after decks now clear and No.7 Hold aft of the accommodation completely discharged, Smit Borneo has moved forward to start on No.6 Hold under-deck stow.

For this phase, the hatch pontoons have to be removed to access the container stow. The hatch pontoons are just watertight blanks, and are not self-powered like the hatch covers on a bulk carrier. Normally, the hatch pontoons are 'stacked' on adjacent hatches by the shore container crane. As maintaining Rena's watertight intergity is paramount, the AM speculates that the Salvors will keep the pontoons at site.

Container ships don't use twistlocks in the underdeck stow, so there won't be any photos of multiple container stacks being withdrawn from the cell guides. It will be box-by-box now, mostly heavy, fully laden containers.

Nice panoramic shot of Astrolabe Reef with Mt Maunganui in the background

Great perspective shot after last week's storm, showing a new view of the bow and stern mis-alignment.

The Antipodean Mariner


  1. Beautiful shots, AM. Also, am I right in thinking they kept the containers on the foredeck to keep the bow firmly against the reef? Or is it more that they're fully committed to saving what parts of the ship they can?

    And one other question - is it possible for the general public to access Lloyd's List? Wasn't sure.

  2. Correction: Yes, you can access Lloyd's List. You can subscribe to it. :D Never mind my last question, please.