Monday, 23 January 2012

RTM Cook launched

PN65, now ready for launch as ‘RTM Cook’, has had her second taste of the sea and has moved to the fitting out dock. The launch was delayed by a few days due to last-minute work to one of the other vessels in the dry dock. PN66 moved to the front of the dock and the keels for PN67 and PN68 were laid.

'RTM Cook' with fenders rigged and ready for float out

'RTM Cook' with PN66 ready for float forward

Flooding the dock

Yard and Owner's Representatives witnessing the safe launch

‘RTM Cook’ is about four months away from sea trials and work will now focus on commissioning the systems installed during the dock construction. Launchings are no longer the grand affairs of ships sliding down greased slipways with flags streaming and whistles blaring. A little less than two years have elapsed from first visit to the Yard to launching of the first ship.

The Antipodean Mariner

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  1. Still has to be a proud moment - and a nervous one too.