Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rena sitrep

News from Astrolabe Reef this morning is that Rena has survived the night but is lively - listed 23 degrees to starboard, rolling in the heavy North-easterly swell and 5 degrees 'bow down' on the reef.

Containers and timber in the water are drifting out in to the Bay of Plenty in the 40 knot South south-easterly gale. One the AM's sources predicts Rena will be free of the Astrolabe Reef sometime mid-Sunday.



  1. Huh, so the gambit of the hatches may have worked? Interesting! I look forward to the next update - seems like the next few days will be very important.

    Also - Maritime New Zealand seems to have frozen in their updates - the Tauranga site is still stuck on Dec. 21st, and Media Updates have January 6th, but no true updates or (more importantly) pictures from them since before Christmas. So, many thanks to you and your updates!

  2. Broken in two 20 -30 metres apart.