Monday, 9 January 2012

Rena update Monday 9th January

Nothing to add on Rena's status that isn't in the media except some new photos of the aftermath of this weekend's gale. The Antipodean Mariner has two great quotes from Astrolabe Reef;

"Such was the compressive force of the swell, we saw a multitude of both 20 foot and 40 foot containers being forced out through the top of open hatchways. Some went straight overboard and remained intact, to float away to the North north-west. The not so fortunate ones were split open on deck, spewing their contents everywhere."

"We could see the accommodation, rolling and pitching independently of the bow section, as if like a wild animal, struggling to free itself from a hunters snare or gin trap."

Rena's shorn-off bow showing the remains of the port underdeck longitudinal girders and the port hatch coaming of the stern awash. On the starboard side is a dislodged hatch pontoon.

GO Canopus remains on station and attached to Rena's stern while Singapore performs recon duties tracking flotsam

As a mariner, it's sad to witness the death of a ship - even from afar.


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