Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rena photo post

The Antipodean Mariner's colleagues at Astrolabe Reef are hard at work preparing the Rena for the weekend's forecast bad weather. The salvage tug is hooked up to Smit Borneo and preparing to tow her to shelter once GO Canopus retrieves her remaining anchors today.

GO Canopus will then hook up to the towing bridle on Rena's stern and spend an uncomfortable couple of days on static tow duty as Astrolabe Reef cops a South-easterly, backing to North-easterly gale.

Good news is that containers discharged from the 'high' port side of Rena are dry, indicating that the water in No.6 Hold may be leakage from the hatch covers is the preceding heavy weather.

Surreal shot of 'Sun Princess' entering Tauranga past the wreck site

One of the 'wet' containers being discharged from No.6 Hold

Discharging No.7 Hold

The 'problem child' hatch cover on No.7

The taxi rank

AM thanks readers for the messages of support for the sources at Astrolabe Reef making this blog possible and assures everyone that a great photographic and chronological record of the salvage is being accumulated for contribution to New Zealand's maritime history.

Antipodean Mariner


  1. Another great post. Here's hoping the blow isn't as severe as predicted.

  2. I second that. Amazing posts, AM. Here's hoping for the best for Svitzer and co!