Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rena MNZ overflight photos

Maritime NZ have released these photos this morning. The AM speculates that Rena is floating on the buoyancy in her engine room and maybe No.7 Hold. The forward part is completely flooded.

Holds forward of the accommodation flooded , hatch pontoons washed away

Stern separated and misaligned with the bow

New article in the New Zealand Herald here



  1. Great Scott !! All very exciting stuff. I see the SINGAPORE is on the way out now (midday local time) to the Rena site. I expect shes got her towing gear ready to deploy..

    Keep up the good reporting AM !!


  2. If, if,if, bay 7 fills up, no hatch cover, she will slowly go backwards down in 50 mtr depth.
    Great site AM, latest news all the time.
    Theo de Boer, Netherlands

  3. Heartbreaking to see the ship in that condition, but spectacular photos. Curious to see what Svitzer and MNZ do now - MNZ seems to be scrambling to contain the debris field from their updates.

    Thanks for the updates as usual!