Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bulk Zambesi

Bulk Zambesi is the new kid on the block in Beira, Mozambique - purpose built to trans-ship high grade coking coal produced from Vale's Moatise coal field. Mozambique is infrastructure poor and the coal deposits being developed by international miners are constrained by limited rail and port capacity.

China's steel industry will be one of the markets for Mozambican coking coal and freight will be a major component of the landed cost. To minimise freight costs, Vale plan to load Panamax and Capes at anchor off Beira using Bulk Zambesi and her sister Bulk Limpopo to shuttle from the port of Beira, where the draft is restricted.

Bulk Zambesi and Bulk Limpopo are owned and operated by Coeclerici Logistics of Italy and are on long-term charter to Vale. The vessels have cranes which discharge the coal into deck-mounted hoppers on the starboard side, which in turn feed a conveyor and long-travelling ship loader boom on the port side.

Bulk Zambesi

Outward bound from the Yard in China

Cranes load hoppers from the conventional cargo holds

At sea, coal is transferred using a travelling ship loader

Twin bow thrusters for port and ship-to-ship berthing

High-lift Becker Rudder and Controllable Pitch Prop

The Antipodean Mariner


  1. Bulk Zambesi is a disgrace vessel. I have worked on this vessel for 6 agonizing months and how undesirable my Italian shipmates are. They make humiliation to Filipino crew funny in front of other people especially to their 2 captains especially to Angelo D'Onofrio. They are fuckin bastards.Now I know somehow their characters. Maybe they are the people who are cursed.

  2. Bulk Limpopo is currently in Durban, maybe for repairs / maintenance.