Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Rena's final arabesque

Plenty of media coverage yesterday from the air as Rena took her final bow. This sequence comes from one of the support craft and gives a graphic perspective of her final pivot and roll.

MNZ have put up a series of rendered graphics of her final position in relation to the topography of Astrolabe Reef.

From MNZ's Incident Gallery

The Antipodean Mariner


  1. Will they leave the stern sevtion like this or move it to deeper ground ? And will they salvage the resting cargo and generators ?

  2. i notice in your dec21 photo there did not appear to be any containers immediately in front of the bridge but in this image there is one there, why would you pick up a container and not remove it from the ship?

  3. great video here bring scale back into focus ......I'd love to get out there and see her for myself! ;)

  4. ....and don't worry AM, this follower of your blog will stay one! :)

  5. In your opinion what were the officers try to prove by altering the ship's GPS log book.
    They can hardy prove they were on course to miss it.
    This is the news item from the local paper :-
    The captain has also been charged with three additional offences under the Crimes Act - recording a reference point about 1 nautical mile north of Astrolabe Reef on the ship's chart, recording a 02:00 mark on the chart, and accessing the ship-board computer to alter the original passage plan then printing and signing an altered version.
    The second officer was charged with two additional offences - erasing the 02:00 mark on chart then recording a false 02:00 on the same chart, and also accessing the ship-board computer to alter the original passage plan then printing and signing the altered version.

    1. Amberfield - AM is intrigued and hasen't seen this story. However, the terminology is right for the situation. Can you please put up a link or the name of the paper carrying the story?


  6. Here is the link to the BOP times article.
    I was curious as to what they were trying to achieve with the alterations.
    It would be to prove they were on course to miss it, or it was not charted correctly.
    I thought you may have a better idea than all the so called experts around here.

  7. Amberfield, AM can only imagine the abject terror and panic on the bridge in the minutes following the grounding. Self-preservation is a powerful motivator. AM just hopes that they get a fair hearing and that all the factors, including any commercial pressure to make the tide, see the light of day.