Sunday, 1 January 2012

Rena's condition worsens - hull fractures

News from Astrolabe Reef today is that the Rena's condition has significantly worsened in the north easterlies driving in to the Bay of Plenty. The hull has fractured in way of No.2 and No.3 hold and the after section has dropped about 2 metres in relation to the bow. Sources also report that the list of the aft end has reduced, maybe as a result of the bow and stern 'disconnecting' and the stern settling in the reef.

Port side of Rena with the enlarged fracture

Close-up inspection of the hull fracture by the RIB Sea Three

Plenty of activity as Pacific Pearl and Black Pearl conduct diving surveys of the southern side of the Rena. Tugs Koraki, Wainui, Edwin G and Maui 1 are doing search and recovery for new debris released from the fractured hull. RIB's Sea Three and Tauranga water taxi are shuttling personnel between Rena, GO Canopus and Singapore.

More to follow!

The Antipodean Mariner


  1. Oh man, that can't be good. Anyone know what the chances of the ship being salvaged are versus being broken up? Or whether it CAN be salvaged at this point?

  2. Rena is an old ship, so trying to save her is probably not economically viable. The detached stern section MIGHT be towed into port for salvage if it stays afloat long enough.
    The bow could be left on the reef to act as a beacon and radar target for ships in the area.

    AM...your thoughts? Happy New Year.. Tad

  3. She is only worth scrap steel value.
    Considerably less than what the salvors will screw the NZ taxpayer for.
    Think of it as if you had invested $200 million in Hanover finance. That gives you an idea of the return on the NZ taxpayers investment :-(