Monday, 30 January 2012


Indentures were the binding agreement whereby a young man (in this case, the Antipodean Mariner) was apprenticed for four years to a shipping company to "be taught navigation, seamanship and other such maritime subjects" to pass the examination for Second Mate of a Foreign Going Steamship.

Other gems include the promise that the Apprentice Cadet "will not visit hotels, drinking saloons or gaming houses when on shore." The first year's wage was $2,448.73

The Antipodean Mariner was credited with twelve months sea service for completing high school and another twelve months for completing the pre-exam study course at the local Nautical School. The Indentures were cancelled on the 19th of September 1980 after the completion of 24 months and 17 days seas service and the passing of the Second Mate F.G. written and oral (Q&A) examination.

In October 1980, the AM celebrated his 20th birthday and the official awarding of his 2nd Mates Certificate at sea with a pair of super-sized epaulets and cake.


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