Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Digital confetti

The Antipodean Mariner has been following the general and specialist maritime media coverage of Costa Concordia. Black boxes, AIS, smartphones and even Facebook have been used to reconstruct the last hours of the vessel with incredible accuracy and insight into the minds of the main protagonists.

The digital confetti trail which follows ships, both formal and informal, is an indellible record immune to tampering but still highly transparent. The loss of Costa Concordia dwarfes that of the Rena but shows that with enough effort, information in the public domain can be reconstructed and disseminated ahead of any formal inquiry. AM believes that informed analysis will fill any information void left by officialdom, and hopes that TAIC will issue something substantive on Rena earlier than the promised mid-year statement.


1 comment:

  1. Almost hate to defend the Captain of the Concordia, but with the damning recording between him and the Italian coast guard being released to the general public I can't see any trial of him being unbiased and fair. And if even half of the rumors going around are true, this guy needs to be put away for a long time so he never gets behind a wheel again.

    Probably the most frustrating thing to hear and see with all the confetti being tossed around is all the conflicting stories about where the officers were, where various people were, why the alarms weren't raised...

    Just sickening, really...and brought home to me in sharp contrast to the cruise I've taken to Alaska, so I know what being on one of those ships is like.

    Keep up the commentary, AM - you're doing great so far, and thanks for answering questions when you can!