Friday, 27 January 2012

Vale Beijing and Subic Bay

A brief wrap of news from Vale’s ChinaMax ‘Vale Beijing’ and their ore trans-shipment hub in Subic Bay.

Reliable sources have told the Antipodean Mariner that Vale Beijing’s structural failure is pointing towards a ‘mis-communication’ in the design phase by STX. The parallel body deign of the ships was the role of one team and the bow/stern area another. The modular construction of the hull blocks at the Yard lead to the longitudinal strength members in the parallel body not aligning with the corresponding strength members in the stern part. STX are apparently modifying the remaining ships under construction.

‘Vale China’ is en route to Subic Bay, Vale’s trans-shipment zone in the Philippines reporting an ETA of 222nd February.

Ore Fabrica (ex VLCC Front Duchess) has been converted into a floating ore terminal with offset cranes, conveyors and ship loader, and has sailed from China for Subic Bay, ETA 30th January. The Antipodean Mariner is heading to Subic Bay next week and will try to get some good oil and photos of the Ore Fabrica.



  1. This sounds suspiciously like the issues found on the Bridge Class of OBO's similar to the Derbyshire. Having been a 1st engineer on 2 sisterships , the misalignmnet around Frame 65 caused numerous repairs and conditions of class in the late 70's early 80's. Lessons learned !!!