Friday, 13 January 2012

Astrolabe Reef and 'no go' zones

A quiet day yesterday at Astrolabe Reef with GO Canopus 'standing by' and Koraki towing around an oil absorbent boom. New Zealand is copping another low pressure system with a gale warning for sea area Plenty.

Koraki and GO Canopus on opposite sides of Rena

Friday's isobar chart

A maritime expert has opined that New Zealand should introduce compulsory 'no go' zones to stop ship's taking short-cuts around the coast but the AM's smells a bit of self-promotion of a commercial product. Every ship's Safety Management System contains instructions to the Master and Navigating Officer on passage planning. While ships have schedules to maintain, 'no go' zones will be just another useless layer of unenforceable regulation.


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  1. Two lots of vested interest at play there,one the TV3 news team and secondly the guy with the software package playing on people's emotions.

    The local Green (in all senses of the word) candidate says that the current restrictions around the Rena have shown how we should have more restricted access areas as the sea life around the Astolabe is teeming at the moment. He hints that the cause of this is the exclusion of pleasure craft and commercial fishers.
    Or, could it just be the excellent additional food spoils over the last three months?
    Your posts have shown and commented on the feeding activity out there, right from the maggot stage up through the food chain.